Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello and welcome to Veit Talks!

This blog is about teaching, dancing and dj-ing. Three things I've been doing and loving for quite some time now.

The blog posts are mainly catered to those who want to start djing swing music, teaching lindy hop, or are already doing one or both. This blog might also be interesting to organizers or fellow dancers who are interested in all that makes up the world of teaching, dj-ing and dancing.

Yes, yet another Lindy blog. So why read my blog? What makes it different from all the others? The goal is not to hand out my course materials and music sources and playlists, but rather talk about *how* I gather teaching material and *how* I teach and then show you how to get there, too. I believe my ideas are pretty open, generally applicable, capable of yielding various desired results, and thus more valuable to my readers than plain, dry materials/music.

I've personally always shied away from blogs with too lengthy or ranty articles. The former I'm not fond of, since I agree with the saying "Those who have something to say, don't need many words." Also it's a good motivator to write well and concise. Ranty blogs never give me the impression that they could contribute to anything I'd want.
So, that said, I'll try my best to write blog articles that are:

- informative
- educational
- short and easily readable
- "one article, one message"

Since each post is supposed to be short and should contain only one message, there will be multiple topics that will be spread out over several different posts. So I'll ask you to hold your horses when it comes to "incompleteness" please. :) The plan is to release an article each week.
One note about the teaching/learning posts: since humans are very complicated and I want to keep the blog simple, I will simplify the matters a bit, not covering every exception. The fact that my choice of language might be a bit more careful does not at all mean that what I write isn't backed by either strong evidence, scientific proof, or both.

Who is "I"?
I'm a Lindy hop/swing/dance enthusiast based in Z├╝rich. I've studied psychology at the University of Freiburg, where I grew up as Lindy hopper and helped to grow a major part of the active scene.
I'll be sharing hands-on advice on teaching based on my psychology studies. I've written two articles in the past, "Stealing" and "A dance is like a conversation". Currently, I teach Lindy hop workshops and private lessons around Europe. When I'm not dancing, I'm likely to be dj-ing under the name of Dr. Jazz. If you want to know more about me as teacher or DJ, check out the bio pages or invite me for a beer.

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