Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Jazz Song Alphabet by Dr. Jazz

This week it's going to be a very simple post. It's a Jazz-Song Alphabet with some hidden treasures to please your ears. It's a funny task because some letters are overcrowded with good tunes, and others are tricky to fill. Also, even if you stick to not taking the same band twice, you will miss bands. Only enough reason to come up with more Jazz-Song-Alphabets. This is an open call - which other DJs come up with a different Jazz-Song Alphabet?

After You've Gone - Coon-Sanders Orchestra
Blues Galore - Johnny Dodds Chicago Boys
Clementine From New Orleans - Bix Beiderbecke
Dee Blues - Benny Carter
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo - Putney Dandridge
Four Four Rhythm - Paul Treiman & His Aristocrats
Gettin Together - Mezzrow-Ladnier Quintet
Hep Tee Hootie - Jimmy Dorsey
I'm Painting The Town Red - Teddy Wilson
Jack, I'm Mellow - Trixie Smith
Kentucky - Buster Bailey
Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You - Artie Shaw
Missouri Gambler - Larry Clinton
Number 19 - Earl Hines
Organ Grinder's Swing - Bunny Berigan & His Boys
Puddin' Head Serenade - Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
Queer Notions - Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra
Rocks In My Bed - Ivie Anderson
Squeeze Me - Tiny Parham and His Musicians
Tickle Toe - Count Basie
Undecided - John Kirby
Victory Stride - James P. Johnson
Wailing Blues - Wingy Manone & His Cellar Boys
You Ain't Living Right - Blanche Calloway & Her Band
Zulu Wail - Clarance Williams and Evelyn Preer

Check the Comment-Section for a download link.

Yours, Doctor Jazz

Want to see all alphabets? Go here!

EDIT 14.03.2013

The Challenge: 

  • compile a jazz alphabet
  • if you don't find a good song for a letter, send it anyway
  • preferably don't repeat songs that have been in other compilations already
  • preferably don't repeat the same artist
  • send it to me, and I'll post your playlist on this blog :)


  1. Link:

  2. Nice game. You just filled in my number 19:

    Zero - Wingy Manone
    Public Jitterbug Number One - Cats & the Fiddle
    Two O'Clock Jump - Harry James
    Three Blind Mice - Willie "the Lion" Smith
    Jammin' in Four - Edmond Hall
    Five O'Clock Drag - Duke Ellington
    Six Appeal -Benny Goodman
    Lucky Seven (Bill's Tune) - Erskine Hawkins
    Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar - Will Bradley & Ray McKinley
    9:20 Special - Count Basie
    Number 10 - Fess Williams
    Flight Eleven - Coleman Hawkins
    Twelve Bar Stampede - Leonard Feather
    13th December Blues - Swing Papas
    Room 1411 (Goin' to Town) - Benny Goodman (any better?)
    Fifteen Minute Intermission - Cab Calloway
    Sweet sixteen - Joe Turner
    Prelude No 17 - Artie Shaw (looking for better option)
    Number 19 - Earl Hines
    20th Century Closet - John Kirby

    after 20 there are many gaps to fill.

  3. Very cool idea, Veit!

    I published my alphabet here:

    After writing my list, I asked the readers for more alphabets
    and it spontaneously became an interesting series.

    I also like superheidis idea with numbers.

    1. it's up and posted in the collection of Jazz Song Alphabets Thanks for your contribution!

  4. I just forgot 18! :)
    Between 18th and 19th on chestnut street - Charlie Barnet
    and a better option for 17 could be: Sixteen going on Seventeen - Benny Goodman.