Bio Dr. Jazz

-- Hello Central give me Doctor Jazz -- (King Oliver)
Music has always been a part of Dr. Jazz' life. He played various instruments  
as a child, and from 2000 to 2005 he hosted a Ska and Reggae radio show as 'DJ SkaPa'. He got into jazz and swing music when he started swing dancing in 2004, deepening his interest when he started teaching lindy hop.

-- He's the one who gets me fixed --

He started out as a local DJ in Freiburg, and has in the meantime DJ-ed events in over 10 countries all over Europe and in the USA, spreading the joy of a good rhythm from down in Portugal all the way up to Norway and from the UK to Ukraine.

-- He's the man who makes me put on both my dancin' shoes --

Dr. Jazz brings a unique sound tailored for swing dancers: featuring a lot of original tunes, music that swings with the rhythm that inspired the creators of lindy hop back in the days -- the sound that made the dance what it is.

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