Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

A year ago I started this blog with certain goals in mind. Writing weekly articles turned the blog into an online ressource mainly for Teaching but also on DJ-ing, and Dancing. I will stick to my goals and this means I'll try to not repeat myself. I have said most of what I wanted to say for now and thus will stop posting weekly. I will of course continue dancing, teaching and dj-ing. I might post an article if I feel like it should be added or is missing. All articles will stay online available for you.

Ressources you find on this blog on:

How To Be A Better Student




Different Ways Of DJ-ing 

DJ Challenges - Ways To Improve Your DJ-ing skills


  1. Nonsense series - Things that took at some point the wrong turn to my understanding:
  2. A Dance Is Like A Conversation

Thanks to:

Eli&Alf for giving me lots and lots of feedback on content and readability before the articles went online. Without them, articles would've been strings of thoughts of mine, non-understandable to others.

Thanks to Lucy who has not only checked my articles for understandability but also improved the language since I'm not native tongue.

People that have encouraged me during the year and that got involved in interesting discussions that made me think of certain topics more and often resulted in articles.

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