Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Jazz Song Alphabet by DJ Wuthe

After the open call for jazz song alphabets Stephan Wuthe aka DJ Wuthe am "Grammophon" from Berlin, Germany sent me his alphabet. Enjoy!

DJ Wuthe says:
"Tracks I play regulary or from time to time..." 

A rab Dance – Larry Clinton
Bei mir bist du schön – Arne Hülphers
Comin’ On – Artie Shaw
Dvanakt Taktu – Emil Ludvik
Exposition Swing – Duke Ellington
Free Wheeling – Artie Shaw
G. I. Jive – Louis Jordan
Here It Is Tomorrow Again – Teddy Wilson – Billie Holiday
I’m In The Mood For Love – Putney Dandridge
Jackass Blues – Savannah Syncopators (King Oliver)
Krazy Kapers – Benny Carter
Lullaby In Rhythm – Benny Goodman
Madhouse – Benny Goodman
Nightmare – Artie Shaw
On Again – Off Again – Hudson-De Lange
Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil – Chick Webb – Ella Fitzgerald
Queer Notions – Fletcher Henderson
Roll ’em – Benny Goodman
Shipyard Ramble – Erskine Hawkins
Them There Eyes – Billie Holiday
Us on A Bus – Fats Waller
Vibrollini – Adrian Rollini
Wigwammin’ – Red Norvo – Mildred Bailey
XYZ – Earl Hines
You’re The Cream In My Coffee – Stéphane Grappelly
Zaggin’ With Zig – Stan Brenders

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If you are a DJ and have an alphabet, send it to me and I'll post it! Keep the alphabets coming!

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